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Low vision is a condition caused by various reasons and results by a vision deficiency in one or both eyes, which cannot be treated with regular eyeglasses. Awada Vision implements innovative techniques in order to help low vision patients cope with their condition. In addition to that, Mr. Hassan Awada is the sole ocularist in the Middle East region to from a partnership with major international low vision aids brands such as Freedom Scientific, Ocutech, Optelec and Schweizer.


Ocular prosthesis is the use of artificial eyes in order to replace a non-existent, a discolored or a disfigured eye. In all cases, the prosthesis procedure is studied independently for each patient and custom manufactured to fit the look, size and shape perfectly. In fact, Mr. Hassan Awada personally and carefully studies each case and creates a 3D custom made prosthetic eye to achieve the most natural looking results.


Along with the low vision and prosthetics branches, Awada Vision also handles all matters related to the eye, its conditions, its diseases, and its accessories. Furthermore, the optical section of Awada Vision gathers a range of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and many more products frequently used.


“High Tech Meets Low Vision” Event

“High Tech Meets Low Vision” is an event organized by Awada Vision on the 20th of April. A friendly gathering between the best ophthalmologists in the region at the Kempinski Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon…

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The 25th Annual Meeting of The Lebanese Ophthalmological Society.
The 25th annual meeting of the Lebanese ophthalmological society is to be held on May 18th, 19th and 20th 2017 in Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut…