The Ocutech InstaMount Series offers a quick, convenient method for low vision patients. In essence, it is a monocular optical device that patients can add to the front of an eyeglass lens. Not only it is available as a 2.2x Galilean Telescope (TS), but also in a 0.5x Field Expander (FE) for visual field constrictions. So, these are available in a range of magnifiers with different prescribing options. Conveniently, patients can use the InstaMount system by using self-adhesive flanges or clip-on versions (see SightScope Compact). Also, they can mount them using frames with magnetic clip-ons allowing the device to be used or removed easily.



Advantages of the InstaMount System over other magnifiers:


  • Each InstaMount System comes complete with two self-adhesive flanges– straight and 7° tilt.
  • A reusable Clip-on demonstrator adaptor is available for evaluation and positioning purposes.
  • Patients can use the InstaMount with magnetic clip-on frames using clear Plano lenses in the clip.  Prescribers can provide their own frames and use the self-adhesive flanges, or they can select magnetic clip frames.



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