Simply put, Topaz Desktop is a device that offers uncomplicated experience among other magnifiers. In fact, this economical video magnifier emphasizes ease of use with single-function controls. Also, it features a high-definition front view camera. The HD camera provides superior image quality, a wider field of view, and a lower magnification range.

In sum, the Topaz Desktop Brilliant gives its user magnified images with easy-to-use controls.



Advantages of the Topaz Desktop over other magnifiers:

  • Magnification to 77 times (on a 24-inch monitor)
  • Choice of widescreen 20-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch monitors
  • Auto-focus camera
  • Accurate colors and even illumination with no glare to minimize fatigue
  • 33 screen color modes including high-contrast full color, true-color, and grayscale to fit your viewing needs
  • Over 8 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
  • Unique can and bottle holder holds round objects steady
  • Extra-wide reading table to smoothly glide large books and objects under the camera
  • Adjustable monitor can be raised or lowered, tilted forward or back, or turned 90 degrees to the right or left
  • Freeze Frame to stop movement for close inspection of small objects or to keep your place
  • Focus Lock to maintain focus while writing
  • Find feature to quickly zoom out, find your place, and zoom back in to read
  • Reading Lines, Shades, and Masks to reduce eye fatigue and focus on what you want to read



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