The VES-Sport is available in 4x, 5x and 6x power devices, and can focus to as close as 9 inches! Its parallax corrected optics provides exceptional image clarity and brightness. Additionally, its modern, lightweight ergonomic and fully adjustable design can provide relaxed, comfortable viewing all day long. It’s even available in colors! They are ideal for individuals with moderate vision loss of 20/300 or better.

The VES-Sport provides a very bright image, in a stylish new design. Its innovative parallax correction control allows the patient to set the device for either a distance or mid/near range bias. As a result, the user benefits from optimized image localization. Because of its light weight, patients can wear it comfortably for hours. The VES-Sport offers the important combination of quality Keplerian optics, bright image, wide field of view, light weight, great appearance as well as the ease of use at any working distance.

Users of the VES-Sport can choose among the specially designed eyeglass frames, available in many colors and sizes. In fact, not only it is available in black or silver standard colors. But also in custom colors including blue, green, red and pink.
Your normal distance prescription and bifocal can also be incorporated. Its novel readjustable mounting system lets future prescription changes be easily accommodated.



Advantages of the VES-Sport over other magnifiers:

  • The brightest and widest field-of-view VES System!
  • Available in 4x, 5x and 6x powers
  • Focus for any distance
  • Unique parallax adjustment control
  • Stylish design and colors
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Snap-on filter caps
  • NOIR sun filters slotted to fit over VES-Sport



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